Corporate Profile

Network Marvels is a privately held company founded and managed by IT professionals with over 70 years of combined experience and a long proven track record in the industry.

We offer world-class outsourcing and consulting services in software development and solutions design, engineering, testing and maintenance with specialization and extensive experience in:

  • Information Security
  • Web and Mobile Enterprise Applications
  • IP Telephony
  • Computer Networking and Internet Technologies


Our vision is to become a globally esteemed organization offering services, solutions and state-of-the-art technology in the above domains of expertise.


Our mission is to strive for excellence in our creations and craft long term win-win relationships with our customers, investors and employees.

Core Values

Our business is powered by creativity and driven by core values which give very important foundation and set future directions for the company.

Our business models strongly focus on creating successful, mutually rewarding and long-term relationships with our Customers and Partners. Integrity and honesty are at the soul of Network Marvels. We operate at the highest level of professionalism and values to conduct our business and personal activities with a deep sense of respect. Developing the best solution and product for the customer is at the center of Network Marvels. Our teams are not constrained by "in-the-box" thinking and always think of a creative approach of tackling an issue. We tackle the most difficult problems with fearless determination. Our culture respects courage and demands it from all of us. We believe that nothing is impossible.

We place the highest degree of confidence and respect in our people to deliver solutions that are customer-driven and critical to their needs. At Network Marvels, we listen and respond to our customers - both internally and externally. Our teams get adequate freedom to keep and deliver on their commitments, reinforcing a key part of our brand promise. Trust permeates every aspect of our daily work life within the Network Marvels community of employees, customers and stakeholders.